Hello Allen ISD PTA Treasurers! 


Treasurer Playbook:

This is a generic task cadence for the year! It is broken down into beginning of the year, weekly, monthly, yearly, and end of the year tasks. There's also suggestions on how to track transactions with a consistent naming convention as well as swiped credit card transactions. Please let me know if you'd like an editable copy of this so you can customize it to your PTA!


Sales Tax Procedure:

How-to on filing your sales tax. Some file quarterly, some yearly. This document also outlines how you get your PTA switched from quarterly to yearly! 


Going Paperless:

A high-level presentation on using technology to help your PTA transition to paperless. Please let me know if you'd like a demonstration! 


Treasurer Meeting Reports:

Not sure what to present when? Check out this document to see what is needed for the first meetings and after! 


Treasurer Resource Guide 2022-2023:

A fantastic resource for all! Check back for the new guide after Launch!


Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have questions and we can meet virtually or in person! Email:

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