Citizenship Awards

Citizenship Awards are given out to teachers, staff, and parent volunteers that give their time and effort to support our schools. These individuals are nominated by local PTAs because they go above and beyond what is expected and make a difference for our children.


2020-21 Allen ISD Council of PTAs Citizenship Awards submissions schedule:

  • September 9, 2020 (for September 23rd meeting)
  • November 4, 2020 (for November 18th meeting)
  • January 5, 2021 (for January 13th meeting)
  • March 3, 2021 (for March 17th meeting)
  • April 21, 2021 (for May 5th meeting)


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Sept 2020: Nov 2020: Jan 2021: March 2021: April 2021:
AHS Cafeteria Staff        
Ann Crane        
Ashley Breuer        
Ashley Moshell        
Bolin Elementary Staff        
Bonita Conley        
Brian Neely        
Carol Daughtery        
Carolyn Joseph        
Carrie Hines        
Carrie Weatherly        
Carson Spies        
Chaitra Markam        
Chloe Hills        
Courtney Craven        
Courtney Fisher        
Courtney Grandage        
Courtney Halpin        
Dana Myers        
Deanna Sorgen        
Emma Madeiros        
Erin Little        
Ermelinda Kraft        
Heidi Mortensen        
Holly Cocks        
Holly Mays        
Ivonia Silva - Hospitality Chair        
Jackie Marocco        
Jenell Rud        
Jennifer Cross        
Jennifer Lac        
Jeremy Miller, Assistant Principal        
Jody Norris        
Julie Van Boerum        
Kathe Turnbaugh        
Kathi Dishong        
Kelley McCall        
Laura Hutto        
Lauren Chambers        
Lauren Newby        
Laurie Malone        
Liz Wolf        
Mady Acosta        
Mandy Riley        
Mary Interrante        
Michele Dickerson        
Michelle Perry        
Millie Eckhoff        
Mimi Park        
Monica Bender        
Mr. Helio        
Mr. Wilhelm        
Mrs. Taylor        
Nancy Compton        
Nera Van Ark        
Paula Stephens        
Peggy Shingler        
Ronnie Schornick        
Sandra Turner        
Sarah Hauser        
Scott Averitt        
Shannon Sauceman        
Shannon Trice        
Sharon Brown        
Sharon Tavana- Aide to President        
Stefani Wolff        
Tracy McDade Brown        
Valli Manimaran