The main goals of the membership chair are to recruit and retain members who support the purposes of PTA and wish to further the goals PTA has chosen to focus on. As the membership chair, you are often the first board member a guest will encounter. Take time to be positive and encouraging so a potential member will form a great first impression of PTA!  If you need more information, contact the PTA Director of Member Services at 800-TALK-PTA.


Local PTA Membership Award Opportunities


Check Local PTA Membership Numbers & Awards Earned


Duties At-A-Glance

  1. Formulate a Plan of Work
  2. Recruit a committee
  3. Prepare a membership campaign
  4. Recruit members and collect dues
  5. Prepare appropriate forms
  6. Maintain accurate records for a procedure book
  7. Send dues and forms to the state office
  8. Pass all materials to your successor – be timely
  9. Welcome new members and get them involved

Allen Council Membership Incentives

  • Early Bird Incentive ~ Every local PTA that earns the Early Bird Award (meets or exceeds 100% of last years membership) will receive 1 FREE ticket to the Lifetime Membership Banquet.
  • Membership Drive Incentive ~ Local PTA's can receive $150 to do a membership drive to increase memberships at their campus. Each school must submit a plan stating how the funds will be used to increase memberships at their campus. Click here for application form.



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